This morning, I stopped everything I was doing and repeatedly watched this video of Bonnie Thunders doing a one-footed hockey stop. She makes it look so easy!

This, of course, set off a chain of events that involved me obsessively watching people do hockey stops for a large amount of time before I realized I had to write 10 press releases before the end of the day. Boo real life!

Here are some of the helpful vids I watched:

I love this dude’s voiceovers! I take him seriously because he has a dignified accent. Anyway, I’ll be using this video as a guide this weekend while practicing on my own:

This vid shows some fun-looking footwork drills that increase comfort with edges and improve agility. Plus they break it down in slow motion for you:

This guy has an accent, too. I don’t know why that matters. Anyway, he has some great insight on breaking down a hockey stop into steps:

This guy makes backwards hockey stops look easy:

Can’t wait to work on this stuff this weekend! If you’re in the DMV area, come skate with the DC Rollergirls tomorrow (Saturday, 10/11) 10am at Anacostia Skate Park. We’re teaching a free class – click here for more info.

Happy skating!


2 thoughts on “Hockey Stops

  1. Bonnie’s one-footed hockey stop is amazing, right?!

    Those drills in video #2 are really similar to some of the footwork drills they ran at Team USA tryouts. Also, I wouldn’t use the guy in video #3 as an example; he over-rotates his back foot. Notice how when Bonnie stops both of her toes are pointed in the same direction (even though her back foot is off the ground).

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