Before I go into my food and exercise plan I want to take a moment of e-silence for my little roller derby bible-journal. I left it at Anacostia Skate Park on Saturday morning and I fear it may be gone forever. This is the last photo I took of it:

photo (1)

That’s some of the stuff I was working on (as you can tell from the title). I had all my DerbyCon notes in it – really good shit, too. I’m glad I actually studied it so a lot is stored in my memory, but I hope I find it again one day. If not… RIP Lil’ Roller Derby Bible. RIP.

Moving on!

I made an off-season food and exercise plan at the beginning of the summer, and it’s been working out pretty great. I’ve been saving money by meal-prepping for the week on Sundays. It takes a while to get into the swing of prepping without it feeling rushed. It’s also awesome because my fridge is always stocked with ready-to-go meals for days that I am too tired to cook or have to quickly eat before or after practice – it stops me from eating fast food or junk.

I’ve been doing yoga for a month now, and holy shit. It’s amazing. I’m more aware of my body, how it moves and how I breathe. I’m aware of my posture, when I’m slumping and when I need to lengthen my spine. I’ve been doing Vinyasa Flow, but I also want to try Bikram.

We scrimmaged the other day, and it went pretty well. I *still* want to improve my strength and endurance and agility –  I guess I’ll never be fully satisfied with my skill level so I’m always pushing on ways to get better. I noticed that I was more able to control my breathing after jamming – I think that’s the yoga. I wasn’t any less tired but I definitely wasn’t doing those little quick jerky breaths – I was inhaling and exhaling slowly and evenly. I felt more focused.

So yeah – the plan is going alright. I haven’t lost a gang of weight or anything, but that was never really the point. I just want to feel better and be able to run the fuck away when I need to, and to knock people down when I need to.

Speaking of – still haven’t started lifting yet. Bummer, but I’m going to try to get into it soon. I don’t know why it seems so difficult to start? I’m scared of doing it on my own so I guess that’s part of the problem.

I worked out with a derby trainer with two of my leaguemates a couple of weeks ago. Shit was cray. We pushed this thing around a bunch of times:


Props to Grand Theft Autumn for the pic. I forgot how much it weighs, but it’s a lot. We worked out for about 2 hours, and I felt it for about 3 days afterwards.

I really want to do it again. I think he offers a cheaper rate for groups, so if anyone wants to push a Prowler (that’s what it’s called) around, throw heavy ass medicine balls in the air, do sled sprints and generally just kick ass, let me know! I’m always down for a work-out. In the meantime, I’ve been sticking pretty well to my goal of running at least 3x a week (really I’m supposed to run every day but sometimes ain’t nobody got time for that).

I also spent a lot of time with my Demoncats this weekend, too – it was awesome, as always. Learned some better hitting methods, a lot about backwards skating and crossovers. I also did a mohawk for the first time (lame, I know – but it was a big fucking deal to me so yay.) We also just chilled and talked derby and life, which is always fun. These women are like family to me, so it was fun to catch up. (Plus they introduced me to Drunk History and I haven’t been able to stop saying HUZZAH since. Apparently I explain things like these drunk people, even when I am sober. I am proud of this.)


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