Good luck to all the freshies in the draft pool today!

I’m so fucking excited for everyone. Seriously.

Around this time last year I was sitting on pins and needles all day waiting to hear back from the league to see if I made it. I wrote an emo blog post when I was all up in my feelings, and it really helped me to relax.

Now I’m only about nine months into my “derby career,” but here’s my post-newbie advice about getting through Draft Day:

1. Talk to your fellow freshies (or not). The point is to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Last year we talked via FB, sending each other funny pics and whatnot. It helped to lighten the mood.

2. Comfort food and entertainment. Alcohol suggested, but optional. After work, I went to a bar with my boyfriend while waiting for a phone call. It was nice to chill out, eat and listen to music while surrounded by people who weren’t all tense and anxious (which is how I felt). If you want to be alone, that’s cool too – but I think it helps to have someone you care about be there for you to remind you of how awesome you are whether you make it or not.

3. Remember: derby is a marathon, not a race. If you make the choice to stick with it, playing roller derby is a lifestyle change whether you make it or not. Of course, if you’re in the league there will be mandated practices and events and all that. But even if you don’t, you’ve made it this far – why stop now? “Making it” in the league is a great goal, for sure, but for some people it may be long-term, and ain’t nothing wrong with that. Embrace your skill level, always try to get better and keep on fighting. That goes for EVERYONE, whether we are on the team or a skater on tap, a recreational skater, or if we choose to skate elsewhere.

4. Congratulate yourself. This is a HUGE deal. You are fucking awesome. You did something some people only daydream about, and you did it well. The fact that you made it this far says a lot about your strength, your tenacity, your will to push yourself and do something different. You’re already a part of the derby family. And you know what you should do, whether you made it or not?

Treat Yo Self!!!

Fuckin’ right. TREAT. YO. SELF. Eat some ice cream. Go to the park. Buy some clothes. Whatever you wanna do.

And with that, I say good luck one more time!


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