Wtf, y’all. I feel like I haven’t skated in FOREVER. (Just a heads up – this post is to vent.)

I went to NE Derby Con over Memorial Day weekend and it was amazing. I learned so much being on-skates all day, and took classes from some really awesomely talented derby skaters.

And then I started a new job when I got back in town. It’s very political and demanding and time-consuming (and fun), and since I’m new I have a LOT to catch up on. Which means I’ve been working late. Which means I’ve been *cue dramatic music* MISSING PRACTICE.

Back in January, I made some derby resolutions that are just getting shat on all over because of this new time-crunch. Just totally shat on. And it makes me feel like shit. So me, and my derby career, are just completely covered in poo right now. Boooo!!!

I had a bitch fit the other night over this, which included feverishly writing in my journal about how “carving out time for yourself and the things and people you love is crucial to emotional happiness” and blah blah blah. But the fact of the matter is that I just wanna skate with my friends. That’s all, y’all.

And I wanna do it multiple times a week! Roller derby is like my really hot girlfriend – if we’re not getting down, there’s a problem and it needs to be addressed with the quickness. Cuz she’s hot. And I want her! And I know she wants me (preferably in colorful booty shorts).

So, anyway (before this turns into erotic roller derby fan fiction) the good news is that this is kind of the “off-season”. The bad news is that as long as I’m not practicing, I’m not progressing. Shit, I may even be getting worse – I think derby may fall under the “if you don’t use it, you lose it” category.

I mean, yeah, I need to pay rent. And yeah, I feel way blessed to have a job I love doing good, important work. But *just when* I felt eased into my new life as a rollergirl, another event comes and knocks me off my feet. It takes me over an hour to get home from work, so by the time I make it home practice is about to start or I’ve missed my ride there.

Guys – I’m finding it hard to deal.

Please share with me, guide me, comfort me, with advice on how you manage a busy lifestyle while also being a bad-ass derby girl. I know there are ladies out there with WAY more demanding schedules than mine – women with kids AND jobs AND a marriage AND other hobbies, etc. How do you make it work?

(P.S. Shout out to Pablo Raw for the awesome blog header! I think it looks great – hit him up if you need a photographer!)


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