First things first. Come to our bout this Sunday!

Now, on to the diary.

I got knocked the f*ck out a couple times this past week, and it was honestly kinda fun. Am I crazy?

The first time was on Friday’s scrimmage. I was jamming, and it was SO HARD to get through this wall of Cherry Blossom Bombshells. At one point, I literally dug my toe stops into the ground and started moving forward by shoving my head into someone’s ass to try to get them out of the way. Is that legal? I don’t know. Did it work? Hell no. And it was really dangerous too, because about 5 seconds later I got ping-ponged between 2 opposing skaters and fell on the ground. I think I hit my head? That’s what the ref said. At first, I wanted to cry but then I felt all this adrenaline. My captain and the ref were like… chill out. I had to take a concussion test, where they ask you how many fingers they’re holding up. And then they made me sit down for the rest of the scrimmage. I wanted to play again, but I knew they were right.

The second time was on Tuesday’s scrimmage. I was jamming (noticing a pattern here?) and I was actually doing pretty good (I think)! I was getting through the pack when all of a sudden another skater came up and the next second I was on the ground, and then I was getting another concussion test. They made me sit out 3 jams, but I ended up jamming again before the scrimmage was done.

The funny thing is, none of this was scary or painful to me. The hits make me feel alive, it gives me a rush. I know it’s scary for people to see, because other skaters were like “Are you okay?!” but I really think I just tend to fly a bit when I get hit ’cause I’m so small. That sounds bad. But seriously… I like it.  It’s like I’m a part of an all-girls Fight Club, and I love it.

The moral of that story is to jam in proper form – low to the ground, head up, chest up. It will be hard to hit me if I’m as low as I can get… which is pretty low since I’m only 4’11. No more standing straight up!

I’ve done pretty well at keeping my derby resolutions so far. I’ve been in the gym almost every day. I’ve been eating relatively clean, although I still have a long way to go in terms of figuring my diet out. I wasn’t going to practice like I should because of bar exam studying, but at the last minute I ended up postponing the exam until July (had nothing to do with derby and everything to do with paperwork and timing and all kinds of red-tape-bs).

Because I missed so many practices, I’ve been working on improving my energy and athleticism off skates, and the changes I’m starting to notice are awesome. I finally got back in the swing of things last week, and I was skatin’ my ass off! Coming back and seeing my team after being MIA for a while felt good, and our coach even told me my plows were looking better. I’m feeling quicker and lighter on my skates. Derby strategy is finally starting to click in my brain more while I’m playing, so I’m hoping this burst of progress just keeps on happening throughout the end of the season.


3 thoughts on “I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

  1. Using your head to initiate contact with another skater is definitely not legal. Accidental contact that causes no impact is not a penalty, but deliberately using your head to push is illegal (and dangerous for everyone). It comes under WFTDA section 6.6 (http://wftda.com/rules/20130101/section/6.6 although note that this is the ‘old’ ruleset and hasn’t been updated to reflect the changes of 1 March 2014).

    I’m glad the concussion scare hasn’t put you off though 🙂 And hooray for progress!

    • Definitely a big hooray for progress! The head-pushing was a huge no-no and I learned a valuable lesson – I’m lucky no concussions were involved. I’ve heard from other short skaters (5 ft and under) that the headfirst thing may be a common newbie issue so I’ve been working on my stance and balance to avoid it.

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