If you live in the DMV area and you still haven’t seen a roller derby bout… wtf are you waiting for, huh? Come check us out already.

Click here for more info. This Saturday’s bout will be at the DC Armory (Stadium-Armory metro stop), and tickets are $15 for adults and $6 for kids.

Unfortunately I’ll be in San Francisco for work this weekend (Booooooo.) but I will be there in spirit cheering on my Demoncats.

As a quick update: I’m learning how to positionally block! And it’s actually working – during the last bout I held the jammer for a bit by myself. The whole time I was thinking… Wait… is she still behind me? Oh shit, she is! Hahahaha omfg I’m blocking someone omg this is amazing I AM SO POWERFUL. And then I couldn’t really hold her anymore and she skated away (jammers tend to do that) but if I remember correctly my teammates held her some more. We won the bout!

There was a scrimmage yesterday and I pretty much got my ass kicked. I couldn’t feel my legs after our paceline warm-up, some lovely lady ran over 4 of my fingers, I got an elbow to the mouth, got goated a few times… yeah, it was a shit show. But I pushed through and didn’t quit! And I didn’t cry! So there’s that.

Yay derby!


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