I can’t frickin’ believe it’s 2014.

Seriously – where the hell did 2013 go? It feels like yesterday that I went to my first DC Rollergirls bout (and that was in 2012) or slapped on a pair of skates for the first time (January 2013). But here it is, a brand new year. And what feels great is that I accomplished my overarching goal: I made it into the league.

I admittedly have a very flighty personality, but (unlike some) I know how to use mine to my advantage (most of the time). Because of my short attention span, I refuse to commit myself to anything unless I am truly passionate about it. Otherwise, it’s impossible for me to stay focused. Oddly enough, I am thankful for this “personality flaw” because it has led to a no-regrets mentality, and I have seriously enjoyed almost all of my committed jobs and hobbies. They’ve all passed B.B’s ADD test.

At first, I thought derby might just be a passing fancy, something to get my mind off a bad breakup. It grew into being a huge part of my life, and by the time boot camp came around, I found myself questioning the depth of my involvement. (If you are in a similar boat, check out Em Dash’s “8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Play Roller Derby” for some harsh truth.) I pushed my way through this doubt because I had a goal: I was gonna make this fuckin’ league. I was gonna make this fuckin’ league, and I was gonna fuckin’ skate, got dammit. (The fucks are there for effect, to emphasize just how many fucks I give about derby.) I wanted to skate until the wheels fell off. Skate until I forgot about my worries, astronomical law school loan debt, the looming bar exam, living in a new city, exes, DC rent, that parking ticket from yesterday… whatever it was, I was determined to skate through it.

And skate through it, I did. So happy I didn’t give up. So impressed with myself, and loving the changes I see to my maturity and personal growth. Derby helped me find this pride.

So, with that being said, I’d like to set up some new mini-goals for this year, with one overarching main goal: Be the best fuckin’ derby girl and teammate I can be. Sounds hokey? You’re probably right, but that’s really all I want for 2014. I want to live up to my potential, and I want to keep on impressing myself. Here’s how I think I can get there:

1. Stop eating like a Texan. I’m originally from TX, and was born into a family that shows love with food. Not just any food, but sweet potato pies and potato salad, crawfish etouffee and fried shrimp, barbeque ribs and fried chicken. This was a regular for me growing up, and it’s hard to limit myself of these things now… cuz I love food. Dammit… now I’m thinking about food. Must move on.

2. Start eating like an athlete. Water, water, water. Fruits and veggies. Seafood. Protein. Small nutritional changes go a long way as far as core strength and energy. I can easily do it, but ugh… I’ve been cooking like a maniac over the holiday season and it will be a true test of will to stop. Good thing my partner is a squatting, power-lifting gym rat – he’s a good source of motivation.

3. Practice, practice, practice. I don’t want to miss practice unless it’s a personal emergency, work-related or bar-exam-related. After the bar exam, I also want to practice at least once a week on my own, as well as 2-3 gym days a week.

4. Pass the GD bar exam. Because this is a testament to my very active life outside of derby – a life that I don’t want to lose. I’m lucky to be on a team with a bunch of ass-kicking lawyers already, so I know it’s possible to be a lawyer and a derby player. I will admit: between work, personal life, studying for the bar, and derby practice/promotion, there is very rarely time left over for anything else in my life. If I can get through this next two months triumphantly, I will know that I can do anything I set my mind to… because passing the bar ain’t easy, but passing the bar while being a fresh meat derby girl is even harder. But hey… things that are easy are hardly ever worth it in the end. These two things (derby + law license) are worth a lot to me, so I feel it’s a good investment of my time.

And with that, I’m ready for the second year of falling in love with roller derby. Cheers to 2014!


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