I’m so excited because this weekend is the second DC Rollergirls bout of the season! If you’re in DC, stop by the DC Armory between 4pm and 8pm to see some live roller derby action. It’s gonna be awesome.

I’m always excited for Bout Day, but I’m even more excited because this will be my second bout as a DC Demoncat (we did a charity bout last month against Charm City’s Rollergirls, but that didn’t really count to me for some reason). I finally got a piece of my uniform… the skirt is so short that half my ass is out and I can actually wear it as a small hat, and it’s incredibly shiny.

In other words, it’s perfect.

(Don’t worry, Mom – I wear shorts and tights underneath the skirt, so nobody *actually* sees my ass.)

We scrimmaged against another home team earlier this week, and I’m starting to love playing roller derby more and more every time I bout. Sometimes, I hate practicing – dealing with the shin splints, trying to get my basics perfect, working on my form, doing shit over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I get the importance and honestly think I need to practice even more on my own (which I try to do when I’m not killing myself studying for the bar exam and working). But scrimmaging is fun. Your gut instincts take over, you get to hit people in real time, and the feeling of knocking someone down or blowing through a pack is just… pretty much indescribable.

So this is why I’m so geeked for this bout this weekend. This week has been all about core and leg strength, so I’ve been doing squats and stuff at work. Mainly, I’m trying to work on getting explosive speed from my legs. I always get schooled on my bad form, which in all honesty comes from my calf problems (shin splints… always with the fucking shin splints), so I’m learning how to work through the pain and keep my balance.

This video has been helping me out a lot:

That’s a whole roller derby workout playlist, and it’s got a lot of great videos full of helpful stuff.

In addition to just working on my form and balance, I’ve also been going over and over my rules so I can get as minimal penalties as possible. Dani California of A Spoonful of Derby is so effin awesome, I love her. She breaks shit down so even us newbs can understand. Last bout, I got penalized for cutting the track, and then penalized AGAIN for illegally re-entering the pack like a doofus. So I’ve been looking at her videos a lot lately:

I’ll write back next week and let y’all know how the bout goes!

With Derby Love,

B.B. Aggressive, #246

P.S. I’ve been pretty secretive about posting pics of my face and all that jazz on here, but what the hell… life is short. Check out this shot of me playing with my awesome demonkitties in Baltimore last month, shot by the awesome DC Rollergirls photographer Pablo Raw. I’m the black chick in the middle:

ImageAnd yes… that is a look of pure confusion-but-I’m-still-going-to-try-to-kick-ass-anyway on my face.


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