Last weekend at practice, my team ran around on our toe stops. This was every bit as awkward as it sounds (at least for me). I have this completely irrational fear that I’m gonna break my ankle or my hip, and I end up running around on my toe stops like I’ve already broken an ankle or a hip. Not a good look at all.

So without further ado, just in case you’re having the same irrational fear, here are a couple of links to drills and advice that I’ve been looking at to help me get up on those toe stops:

Toe-Stop Burpees: This site has an awesome exercise where you start on your knees (or maybe just down low) then pop up on your toe stops, and then go back down to your knees. There’s also a great article on that page about how to get used to running on your toe stops along with some beginner’s tips (like don’t look down, how to adjust your toe stops, etc.).

Toe Stop Mechanics: The comments section of this blog article has a couple of handy tips that may work, like adjusting your toe stops until your back wheel is only 4 fingers away from the ground when propped up. These tips may or may not work but I will try them anyway in the hopes that one will.

Fast Starts: The Derby Drills blog has a couple of exercises that seem like they may help me get comfy on my toe stops. I’m sure my team/league may do some variation of these, but it’s nice to have a variation of the steps so I can practice them in my parking garage without the fear or added pressure of doing them at practice in front of people.

In addition to the above, I plan on just walking around on my toe stops a lot to get used to them. The whole toe-stop-running thing just seems unnatural to me, and I’m a lot more comfortable using them to push through blockers than I am using them to sprint. I’ve seen a couple of jammers hop up on their toe stops after getting hit in order to sprint away from the pack, and this is mainly what I wanna be able to do.

Signing off,

B.B. Aggressive

P.S. I still haven’t gotten my uniform yet… I’m waiting around on gd pins and needles, I’m so excited. Seeing my name and number on a team uniform is going to make all of this seem more real… can’t wait.


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