This past weekend, I went to WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Richmond, VA. I never talk about my personal life on here, but I was already in Virginia for a little weekend vacay with my partner. We decided to take our Saturday off from drinking and napping on the beach to watch a little derby.

I was not disappointed. I learned a lot and mainly got to see how derby girls use their basics during gameplay. Sometimes while I’m learning things like plow stops and hockey swerves, I have no clue how I would use it in a derby bout. Now I do. So that was awesome!

I also saw a bunch of girls from the DC Rollergirls league, which is who I’m trying out for on this Sunday. I always feel awkward around them because I’m not a part of the league yet and because I am just a fan and boot camper at this point, but I did ask a couple questions to a couple of the women I feel comfortable talking to. Their advice was basically to 1) get low and 2) practice. They placed emphasis on engaging my core – everything I need to work on could improve a lot just by doing this. So I’ve been hitting the gym and working on my abs and doing lots of wall sits and squats.

Speaking of my personal life, I also have been going through a bit of a housing mini-crisis. My current apartment is basically shit, and I discovered an infestation of spiders and roaches (lots of them). So instead of practicing every night like I should, I’m usually apartment hunting (sigh). To make up for this lack of going to the rinks, I’ve been practicing in my office’s parking garage. I almost got kicked out once, but the building manager said he was actually impressed with my skills (!!!!!!) and thought roller derby was cool. So he lets me practice there during lunch. 🙂

That’s pretty much an update of where I am right now. I will update y’all on Sunday with try-out results. Fingers crossed – wish me luck. And good luck to all the other ladies (and a few of you gents) trying out for roller derby teams all over the world – may the derby gods and goddesses be with us. 🙂


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