Last Saturday was the last day of boot camp, and I can’t believe it’s already the end. I’ve learned so much, but I am really nervous about putting it all together and applying it.

Overall, I think I did okay in boot camp. I feel that there’s a lot of room for improvement, and I’m a little upset at myself for not improving more. It’s strange – I remember when I could mark my progress so easily when I first started. It was as simple as, “I don’t know how to do that at all.” to “Yay! Now I know how to do that!” It’s a lot harder to mark my progress now… just gotta practice. I’m trying to actually ace my basics, and not just go through the motions.

They announced that try-outs will be in 2 weeks. My goal is to practice every day and work out at least 3-4 times a week in order to build my endurance for the 27-in-5 and my core strength for recoveries and laterals/shuffling/quick feet. I think those are my biggest obstacles (and those damn plow stops. DAMN YOU PLOW STOPS).

The last day was pretty awesome, but also really frustrating (as usual). We did a brief rules test all together, and I got like every. single. question. WRONG. I have to get at least 80% correct during the real test. Just gotta study.

We also did a lot of hitting, which is fun (as usual). We did a drill called the Great Wall of Gina (ha) where you have to basically wedge yourself between two girls who are trying to block you from getting through. I accidentally back-blocked one girl, and I felt really bad about that. Still not used to hitting people without apologizing, but she seemed cool about it. I also pushed one girl down and while I felt proud of myself, I felt extremely guilty. Wtf is wrong with me? Maybe my Aunt Flow is coming to town or something. Gotta get tougher.

For the first time, us newbies got to play a mini-bout. Ok – maybe it wasn’t a mini-bout but it felt like it. They explained how derby girls play offense and defense at the same time, and then we split up into teams and lined up on the track.

Talk about a fucking shit show.

Imagine a car and a plane getting in a head-on collision accident. And then imagine a train coming through that accident. And then imagine a fiery explosion. Yeah… that’s what this little drill was like. Lots of smacking, accidental blows, I took a skate to the shin (hard.) and ended up cussing a whole lot. I have so much respect for the rollergirls who make this shit look easy during bouts, because it was seriously confusing. I had no idea where my Jammer was, I was getting hit on all sides, I would forget who was actually on my team, sometimes I accidentally hit my own Jammer out of bounds… yikes. But all the newbs who jammed did a kick-ass job, and I was super proud like I was the one getting splayed out on the track. I was so impressed with how quickly they recovered and just kept on powering through. Bad-ass.

So now – I practice. And study. I may do a couple of blog posts in the meantime if the mood strikes, but mostly I’ll be getting ready for try-outs and then I’ll update y’all on how it goes. Wish me luck!


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