The lovely ladies from Department of Skate are so awesome. They mounted the Reactor plates on my Antiks earlier this week, and I am really happy with the result. I took them in and within a couple of hours, they were ready to be picked up.

I couldn’t wait to take the girls out for a roll, and went to the rink right after work. They were frickin amazing – no shin splints the whole night, could lift my leg, and I even got a couple of my rinky-dink jumps in.

I’ve been going to open skates every single day this week – skating on my own, without the pressure that kinda comes with boot camp, does wonders for my comfort level.

I’m not gonna lie – I haven’t been skating on my own as much as I should. At one point earlier this year, I was going to open skates almost 4 times a week. Then, once boot camp started, I stopped going. I guess I felt camp was enough, so I would only skate for about a little bit after camp let out, and then I would just chill until the next Saturday.

I’m about to go back to my old habits though, because I honestly forgot how much fun open skates are. Boot camp is kinda stressful because we’re constantly learning new shit and pushing ourselves and challenging ourselves and all that jazz. At open skates, I get to talk to other newbies, see experienced skaters from all walks of life, and get casual tips from any derby girls who happen to be there. I’ve had so much fun this week skating with a couple of the other girls from boot camp – getting to know them beyond our Saturday sessions has been really awesome.

I can’t really say if I’ve made any major improvements this week beyond just getting more comfortable on my skates and building up my confidence. I worked a lot on my derby stance and crossovers, and I’m definitely starting to see a sliver of improvement with extending my left leg behind me. I know I need to work on jumps – it’s a genuine fear of mine.

If anyone comes across this blog and has any tips for me on anything – from keeping focused to jumping to crossovers to hockey stops – please feel free to drop a line in the comments. It will be greatly appreciated!


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