So when I got my first pair of skates, I thought they were perfect. I couldn’t (and/or wouldn’t) take them off. I was rolling around everywhere – around the house, up and down stairs, in my apartment building’s lobby and hallways, open skating rinks, parking lots, tennis courts… you name it, me and my babies were there.

After a while, I started noticing that trying to pick my leg up was getting harder and harder. Don’t get me wrong – I could actually lift my leg. But it just seemed so, so heavy. I thought to myself, you need to get to the gym, work up that leg strength.

But that was over 6 months ago, and my GD ankles still hurt.

Confused, I hit the online forums and started talking to other girls who wore the same skates (Antik Spyders). Everyone said the same thing – their GD ankles hurt.

Turns out Antik Spyders are nice skates, but they come with these super-duper heavy ass plates attached to them like anvils. These mini-anvils are called Triton plates, and they are heavy as fuck. I think learning to skate on them has been great, because it has increased my muscle strength in my legs, but I’m ready to get rid of the dead weight. Time to upgrade!

Enter the Sure Grip Avenger White Magnesium plates. When I held these suckers in my hands, I was like Whoa. Big difference from the Tritons. And I’m only 4’11, so that heavy plate is killin’ me on the rink – I would love to skate on lighter plate.

I know I just started out, and they say the Sure Grip plate is for more experienced skaters, but I think I’m ready. I know – even if I don’t make DCRG – that I want to continue skating and practicing, so why not go for the best for my body?

I’m getting ’em, dammit.

The sad part is that I’ll be off skates for a couple of days while they get mounted on the skate. Booooo – I’ll just use this time to cross train though.

I’ll add pics next time, too! Off to Department of Skate.


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