I did my first suicide relays today!

It was pretty effin’ awesome.

Suicide relays are basically an exercise where two (or three, or four) cones are lined up. We would take turns going from one cone to the next doing different moves, like knee taps, rock star falls, stops, and lateral movements.

When they told us all to line up, I somehow miraculously ended up in the front of the line. I didn’t sweat it, though – I figured if I was gonna go, then I may as well go first.

I had a lot of fun doing it, although I didn’t do them exactly the way I wanted to (damn these rookie feet). It was also cool to see and encourage other newbs doing this stuff for the first time, because I’m usually so focused on myself that I don’t get a good look at anyone else. Everyone honestly did really great – I remember practicing at public skating rinks with some of the other new girls, and it’s amazing to see where they are now as opposed to three weeks ago.

I still have a ton of new work to do, mainly on gallops and hockey swerves and getting used to using the edges of my skates to stop and control my movement.

Until next time!


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